Thursday, September 24, 2009

Iredell Press Release

In his debut collection, Jamie Iredell calls on a classic and seldom used literary form to tell a story of travel, adventure, boredom, and life in general. Prose. Poem. A Novel. is a precisely written series of poems that when collected tell an addictive story. However, don’t expect to see complex titles and strict structure, this after all is a novel. Iredell masterfully pushes the reader through every detail, but as each page is turned form and genre melt quickly into a vital story.

"If Mary Robison listened to more punk, grew up in Las Vegas in the 80s before the 80s sucked, did whippits while reading Ben Marcus and scrolling the alternative personals for golden lines to crib, she might have exploded into the post-post-Beat sentence index that is Atlanta. But she didn't. Jamie Iredell did, and in reading this lean but dense meat-eater of a sui generis prose poem cycle, one realizes there might still be a way for chapbooks to compete with porn." – Blake Butler

Prose. Poems. A Novel., the third release from Orange Alert Press, is filled with brilliant and thematic illustrations from Christy Call (Literary Dispatch, Publishing Genius, and Willows Wept Press). These illustrations are in full color and add an even more vibrant visual element to Iredell’s story.

Jamie Iredell was born in Carmel-by-the-sea, California, andgrew up near Castroville. He moved to Reno, Nevada for his Bachelor’s and Master’s dregrees, and to Atlanta for his PhD. His writing has appeared in many magazines, among them The Chattahoochee Review, The Literary Review, Keyhole, Zone 3, Descant, elimae, Lamination Colony, Elysian Fields Quarterly, and Weber: The Contemprary West.

Review copies are shipping this week!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Review Copies Available

Prose. Poems. A Novel., the debut from Jamie Iredell, is on track for its October 20th release date. The review copies arrived today and will be shipping out with a soon-to-be-written press release this weekend.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Poet Hound Interview

Poet Hound has posted a wonderfully in depth interview with Chris and Hosho. In it the two discuss their motivation for wanting to publish their letters, art, politics, friendship, and so much more. They interview also give big props to cover artist Chris Roberts.

Check out the interview here. Of course you can buy a copy of Sunlight At Midnight, Darkness At Noon right here. Don't forget that the book comes with a CD of Chris and Hosho reading from the book with music by members of Noot d'Noot.