Saturday, July 12, 2008

We're in the Studio

Yesterday, by some act of fate or luck or something, I was able to gather five very talented people into Stray Dog Recording Studio, and the results will hopefully be very enjoyable for everyone. What I did was basically trim the book down into a 24 page, 7 scene audio play that turned our to last just about an hour. Joining me to record this project was Tim Hall (Peter), Amy Guth (Rhonda), Jill Summers (Jen), Nick Volkert (Peter), and of course Ben Tanzer (Geoff/Narrator).

Everyone had a great time and hopefully that shines through on the recording that will be released through our various blogs in the next few weeks. I am now in talks with a mystery beat creator to add a little flare to intros and outros for a little extra appeal.

More details to follow, but the release date has been scheduled. The book will be available for purchase on August 1st (very exciting!).

1 comment:

Amy Guth said...

That was super fun!

(Does my posture suck in that photo or what? Har.)