Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Release Event Update

Here is the star-studded line-up for the book release party being held on Sept. 6th at DvA Gallery (2568 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago)!

6:15: Jill Summers (reading)
6:30: Brendan Losch (music)
7:00: Tim Hall (reading)
7:15: Jason Fisk (reading)
7:30: Venna (music)
8:00: Nick Ostdick (reading)
8:15: Other World (music)
8:45: Ben Tanzer (reading)

Ben will also be reading on Sept. 11 @ Town Hall Pub (3340 N. Halsted) at 9:00pm as part of The Green Flash release party! Also featuring Black Umbrella Brigade, and readings by: Jessica Young, Ben Vigeant, Emily Renaud, Simon Smith, and Jasmine Neosh.

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