Thursday, August 20, 2009

Announcing: Prose. Poems. A Novel.

I am extremely excited to announce the release date of the next novel on Orange Alert Press. On October 20th we will be releasing the debut novel from Atlanta-based writer Jamie Iredell. Prose. Poems. A Novel. is exactly that, a collection of prose poems that come together to tell a compelling story. The novel also will feature full-color illustrations from the wonderful Christy Call.

Jamie Iredell was born in Carmel-by-the-sea, California, and grew up near Castroville. He moved to Reno, Nevada for his Bachelor’s and Master’s dregrees, and to Atlanta for his PhD. His writing has appeared in many magazines, among them The Chattahoochee Review, Keyhole, Zone 3, Descant, elimae, Lamination Colony, Elysian Fields Quarterly, and Weber: The Contemprary West.

You can pre-order your copy here for a special pre-order price of $12.

Here is an excerpt from the novel:

The sign—Pedestrian Xing—beamed out the
Pontiac’s window, the 4 x 4 that once held it in
the Earth a slash across the back seat’s vinyl. The
night extinguished the lights in the fog. Dave
was our left guard, though he could’ve been a
running back, for his svelte size and his speed.
Dave was also the first guy to have given my
sister a smack on the lips. When the headlights
of another car beamed down Tustin Road, our
speedometer jumped past sixty. We took the
curve tighter than a fat lady’s sock. The row of
mailboxes sent the sign through the windshield
at fifty miles per, its post gonging our noggins.
In the wake of all this Dave guided us home,
leaning out the driver’s window. Next day, he
remembered nothing—not me, my sister, or
the sign.


christopher cunningham said...

congrats jason and jamie! hope it sells like crazy.

Ben Tanzer said...

Ditto, well, that and allows our books to ride its coattails to second winds and further glory.

christopher cunningham said...


it's all falling into place...

Jamie Iredell said...

Word. Thanks, guys.

Jac Jemc said...

Totally excited about this! Can't wait!

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