Sunday, September 7, 2008

Event Recap

This Event Will Change Your Life - Sept 6th @ DvA Gallery, Chicago

A big thank you to every one who came out, performed, or helped plan and assemble the event. The event was a success, and the turn-out was great. Here are some photos from the night.

Jill Summers lead things off with an hillarious commentary pieces on the PBS nightmare Rick Bayless.

Brendan Losch was kind enough to stop by a sing a few of the 35 songs he has written and recorded this year. All of his songs can be downloaded from his website for free. You should also check out his music blog Count Me Out.

Poet Jason Fisk followed with three tremendous pieces. After he read, I found out that this was his first public reading. I am honored that he chose this event to be his public debut.

While the next band set up a couple people made their way over to a beautifully decorated book table. Each book purchased was signed by Ben, and many folks also walked away with the brand new Orange Alert Press button.

Venna traveled a long way to perform for us, and the audience was completly blown away. I received many comments about their performance, and I am so glad people enjoyed it. They released their debut ep back in April.

The night would not be the same with out a reading from the bearded one, Nick Ostdick. Nick is the editor of RAGAD, and fiction editor of decomP.

Yes, the rumors are true.

The final musical performance of the night was by Other World who dedicated the song "Lucky Man" by The Verve to the nights guest of honor.

Finally we brought Ben to the stage to read to a now packed house. He read several selections from his marked up copy of the book. There was laughter and tears and thunderous applause. Everyone left feeling that this event had truly changed their lives.

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