Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Major Love...

No that's not my stage name, but it is what Ben's book is receiving.

Today, Jeremy Gershfeld had some very kind and thoughtful words to say about Ben and the book.

"Most likely explores some of the same subjects as Lucky Man, but has shed some of self imposed permission to write. Instead of using uncomfortable subjects as the emblem, and permission to write as the underlying theme, Most Likely uses uncomfortable subjects as the device to express deeper feelings about unresolved relationships and infidelity. Tanzer's writing style reflected the deeper layers of meaning in Most Likely, with longer expressions of intellectual and emotional intimacy."

I also received an e-mail today from David Gutowski of the famed blog Largehearted Boy saying he had read the book and " enjoyed it immensely". As a result, Ben will be working on an essay for the LHB Book Notes section.
For the two of you who listened to Scene 5, here is Scene 6. If you listen closely you may hear my lovely speaking voice.

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